Welcome to Sando Investing!

Here you will be able to view and subscribe for picks/recommendations on large cap stocks listed on the worlds major indexes as well as commodities and currencies with entry/exit price levels that will not be adjusted once the picks are issued.

We use technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis to develop stock, commodity and currency picks with clear entry & exit price targets that can be tracked in real time.

The success rate of a pick/recommendation is visible and verified on our website (shown as successful/unsuccessful) and twitter timeline (@SandoInvesting).

Our goal is to provide a broad range and number of actionable trade and investment ideas suitable for different types of investors and traders.

This is the place where you will find real actionable trade and investment ideas!

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Entry & Exit Price Levels

All our picks/recommendations come with clear entry & exit price levels/targets including a profit target to increase the probability of sustainable profitability as well as a loss target to help you reduce the probability of incurring large losses.

High Risk:Reward Ratio

The average risk:reward ratio on all our picks and recommendations is 1:2, ensuring that all our members, when profitable, stand to gain at least double what they may risk thus increasing the probability of long term profitability as a trader/investor using a 1:2 risk:reward would technically only need to be successful 33% of the time to break even.

Over 70% Success Rate

Since the beginning of 2013 we have issued over 400 picks and over 70% of all our picks/recommendations reached their profit target with less than 30% reaching their stop loss price target. Due a success rate of over 70% and a 1:2 risk:reward ratio on picks, members that acted on our picks would have seen substantial levels of profitability and smooth consistent growth in their investment portfolios.

Most Accessible Picks

All our picks are issued on the largest capitalised stocks listed on major exchanges in the USA and Europe as well as on currencies and commodities. This includes stocks listed on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX 30, CAC 40 and many more. We only only provide picks on large cap stocks because they are less susceptible to sudden unexpected large swings in value when compared to smaller capitalised stocks thus giving the trader/investor more robust and realistic trade & investment ideas.